Digital Language Labs: The Smart Generation of Classrooms for Language Learning

Digital language lab is a technological breakthrough for imparting skills in different languages other than your mother tongue. The educationalists worldwide recommend unique instruction materials for language learning. The teachers are also focusing more on audio-visual resources in the classroom.

Language labs using audio-visual installation methods to teach foreign languages are not a new phenomenon. In fact, the first such lab was set up way back in the 1950s, but until 1990s it used mostly tape-based systems. It is only after the computers and internet became common among the masses that it picked up steam and today installations are generally multimedia computers.

Whether you log in to Robotel or any other digital language lab, they make use of multimedia-based language learning. Here, the course material can be shared within a second, and both the teacher and the students are involved effortlessly according to their convenience.

The digital language labs instigate and motivate the student’s learning attitude by providing an interactive learning environment. It is auditory oriented and thus the direction and guidance from the teacher to students reach with crystal clear clarity. It engages the student better since they are not distracted by the activities of the fellow students in the group as they are engaged with individual systems.

These digital labs are also the perfect platform for the moderator to guide the groups by monitoring each student independently. The program is designed in such a manner that the other students in the group are not disturbed by the interaction happening between a particular student and the moderator.

The students learning through digital labs can do a periodical self-evaluation as well to see how they are doing in a particular course by evaluating their progress with that of the expert. As the entire learning environment is automated, one does not feel intimidated or shy. It, in fact, provides a happy learning environment where the needs of the learner are fulfilled in an effective manner. The students can record their voice and playback to see how it sounds and they have the option to interact with fellow students and teachers.

Digital language lab is definitely the need of the hour today. It appears that the quality of language proficiency will be more when it is learned through digitalizedlanguage lab.